About Us

About Us

CESC is a 501(c)(3) community-based organization that has delivered energy, environmental, and home repair services to Bay Area residents since 1986. Originally created by the City of Berkeley, the City Council made CESC independent in July 2008.  Our services include: energy efficiency audits and installations, project management for lighting and refrigeration retrofits, housing repairs and rehabilitation, solar technical and informational services, and improvements to residences designed to eliminate asthma triggers.

CESC is a member of East Bay Energy Watch and Marin Energy Watch, several coalitions of local governments, CBOs, MCE and PG&E. These coalitions provide strategic energy and environmental services that reduce carbon emissions and promote resource conservation. CESC coordinates its efforts in local communities with organizations such as: Rebuilding Together, the Center for Independent Living, Rising Sun Energy Services, and the East Bay’s Green Corridor. CESC is a licensed general contractor.  We have a diverse and engaged board, and a skilled and dedicated staff.

Our Mission and Vision

Community Energy Services Corporation promotes resource conservation and safety by providing building improvements and education where the Bay Area lives and works.

A community living and working in safe, efficient buildings and empowered to conserve energy and other resources.

Our Values

Respect for People, Communities, and Cultures
We respect staff members and are committed to offering a living wage. We respect people in the communities we serve and promise to listen to their needs and concerns. We strive for a diverse staff and board and approach community outreach with a spirit of cultural humility.

CESC collaborates with like-minded organizations and government entities to achieve a common goal. When working with businesses and residents we do so in a collaborative spirit.

Commitment to Safety
Just as we seek to make homes and workplace buildings safe, we also set a high standard of safety for employees and partners at work sites.

Measurable Impact
CESC believes success is real when it can be measured. How many kWh of energy have we saved? How many pounds of CO2  did we keep out of the air? How many seniors are in safer homes? How many children have reduced asthma incidents because of cleaner air in the home? We also know our impact on our local community can not be quantified. We listen to clients and value the stories that they tell about the impact of our work on their lives.

Community Energy Services Corporation

Building Sustainable Communities Where the Bay Area Lives and Works

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