Affordable Home Improvement Program

Our Affordable Home Improvement Program (AHI) provides home repairs to create safer, more energy efficient, and affordable homes.  AHI services include a wide range of repairs including plumbing, electrical and carpentry repairs, furnace and minor roof repairs, and combustion testing. AHI has special services for seniors to improve safety and comfort for aging-in-place like eliminating trip hazards and providing mobility aids. Typically, CESC initiates work with an initial package of services, then consults with the client to consider any further services that would benefit the home.

General Services:
* Plumbing repairs (sinks, showers, leaky pipes)
* Carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation
* Carpentry repair (replace doors, locks, fix stairs)
* Home weatherization (caulking, weather-stripping)
* Building envelope analysis and duct system analysis

Services for Seniors:
* Grab bar and hand rail installation
* ADA compliant height toilet installation
* Identify and remove trip hazards (wires, rugs)
* Install ramps

Initial Package
Our initial site visit and services include a health and safety assessment, which include testing gas appliances, an energy assessment, and the installation of one smoke detector and one carbon monoxide detector, both of which are code compliant. This 90 minute evaluation will provide invaluable safety and energy efficiency information, and can lead to a more comfortable and affordable home and is available for $190.

This program is offered to all residents who want improvements in their homes.  For renters, CESC will need to get property owner permission to make upgrades to property.  Once we determine a client’s interest, we will visit the property to perform our initial package which includes a home assessment and previously agreed upon small repairs. After our assessment, CESC will provide the client with a proposal. Agreed upon upgrades will be scheduled with the CESC crew at a later time.

To enroll, please call Lourdes at: 510.981.7752.