Your Energy Manager

Your Energy Manager


Does your business need to reduce energy use, water use, and engage your employees? Do you have a sustainability plan but no one to implement it? Are you still developing a plan, or do you even know where to start?

Mimi Abraham with Congregation Beth El’s geothermal system, repaired with the help of CESC’s Your Energy Manager program

Your Energy Manager Can Help!


Your Energy Manager will provide cost benefit analysis on energy and water efficiency upgrades including incentives and financing options, a loading order of what projects are most cost effective, and operational modifications: all with the goal to drive utility costs as low as they can go. Additionally, Your Energy Manager trains your employees to be ‘Energy Champions’ to further drive operational changes.

Through our partnership with the Green Business Program, Your Energy Manager will help businesses become Certified Green Businesses. Reduce costs, become a more efficient business, engage your employees, and create a more sustainable business!

Advanced Digital Economizer Controls

Does your business have heating or cooling issues? If so, the economizer on your rooftop unit may not be working correctly.  A building’s HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system can make use of an air-side economizer to save energy in buildings by using cool outside air as a means of cooling the indoor space. When the temperature of the outside air is less than the temperature of the recirculated air, conditioning with the fresh outside air is more energy efficient than conditioning with recirculated air. This air-side economizer control scheme is called free coolingAccording to an ACEEE study, 45%-80% of economizers on rooftop units do not work because they are stuck open or closed, the controls are broken, or they are set incorrectly. 

Your Energy Manager can help. Rebates are available to help retrofit your rooftop unit’s existing economizer with an advanced digital economizer control system. These smart controllers detect and report problems with sensors, dampers and other components in order to save energy and money and provide healthier outside air.

Here is a case study from a happy customer. Contact us today to learn more about this great energy-saving technology!

• Must be located in Alameda or Contra Costa County
• Have 25+ employees
• Have property manager/ownership support
• Have executive level interest in becoming a sustainable business or Certified Green Business

For inquiries, please contact: Michael Denevan at or 510.981.7753.

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